Wolf Graft

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Infinity Combo: Have Turntimber Ranger and Xenograft on the table.   Xenograft confers the creature type of your choice to all your creatures; pick Ally.   Play another Ally card, which triggers Turntimber Ranger's ability to create a wolf token.   Xenograft gives the wolf token the Ally creature type, which triggers Turntimber Ranger to make another wolf token, which is also an Ally, and continues to infinity.

Mana Generation: Birds of Paradise is standard.   Harabaz Druid is the Ally equivalent of Overgrown Battlements.   The more Allies you have the more mana it creates.

Card Draw: Sea Gate Loremaster lets you draw cards equal to the number of Allies you have.   Fauna Shaman lets you discard a creature card from your hand to search for a creature in your deck.

Utility: Shielding Plax gives a creature hexproof and draws you a card.   Shapesharer lets you temporarily turn it into a copy of any creature, either one of your Allies or your opponent's creature!

Counters: Counterspell and Essence Scatter are standard.   Boomerang is a superior Unsummon because it returns permanents, meaning you can return lands, enchantments, planeswalkers, and other things that Unsummon cannot.

I did not include Doubling Season because this deck is more suited to quickly setting up mass card draw and the mass mana needed to cast them.   This makes it easier for you to execute your infinity combo.

//NAME: Wolf Graft

  • 8 Forest
  • 7 Island
  • 4 Hinterland Harbor

  • 4 Birds of Paradise
  • 4 Harabaz Druid

  • 2 Umara Raptor
  • 4 Oran-Rief Survivalist
  • 2 Shapesharer
  • 2 Sea Gate Loremaster
  • 2 Turntimber Ranger

  • 4 Fauna Shaman

  • 3 Xenograft

  • 2 Boomerang
  • 4 Essence Scatter
  • 4 Counterspell
  • 4 Shielding Plax