Myr Maze

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  • 9 plains
  • 9 mountains
  • 3 iron myr
  • 3 gold myr
  • 3 palladium myr
  • 4 myr servitor
  • 3 myr superion
  • 3 myr battlesphere
  • 3 myr reservoir
  • 4 signal pest
  • 4 steel overseer
  • 4 armageddon
  • 4 tempered steel
  • 4 manabarbs

  • Tectonic Instability - Whenever a land enters play, tap all that player's lands. Doesn't become powerful unless tied with land destruction.  
  • Winter Orb - Players cannot untap more then one land each turn.

I would have recommend Stoneshaker Shaman too but its ability got neutered by a rule update last year.   Stoneshaker Shaman's rule text states, "At the beginning of each player's end step, that player sacrifices an untapped land."   Its power is now mitigated by an update in M2010 that states you are allowed to tap your lands without having to use the mana created by the lands.