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I found an infinite combo involving the ally card Turntimber Ranger while browsing the Magic online magazine today.   You pair it with Xenograft, which gives all creatures a creature type of your choice.   Thus any wolf tokens produced by Turntimber Ranger also count as an ally, which creates a feedback loop and causes Turntimber Ranger to produce tokens infinitely!

  • Mana Accelerants: Turntimber Ranger and Xenograft both cost 5 mana so you want to squeeze out as much mana as soon as you can.
  • Birds of Paradise - Tap for any color mana.
  • Llanowar Elves - Tap for green mana.
  • Harabaz Druid - Tap for X mana of any color, where X = number of Allies in play.

Card Draw: If you have 4 copies of a card in your deck, you have a 6.6% chance of drawing it each time so you want to improve your odds.

  • Sea Gate Loremaster - Tap to draw X cards, where X = number of Allies in play.
  • Fauna Shaman - Tap, pay 1 mana, and discard a creature card to search for a specific creature card.

Primary Win Condition: Create infinite tokens.

  • Turntimber Ranger - Put a wolf token onto battlefield whenever an Ally enters the battlefield.
  • Xenograft - Gives all creatures a creature-type of your choosing.   Thus, all your non-Ally creatures become Allies.

Alternate Win Condition: Empty opponent's library.

  • Halimar Excavator - When an ally enters play, target player puts X cards from library into graveyard.   X = number of Allies in play.

Utility Cards

  • Shapesharer - Counts as an Ally and can copy the abilities of any creature on the battlefield (yours or opponent's).
  • Shielding Plax - A creature you control cannot be targeted by opponent's spells or abilities.   Draw a card.
  • Cancel - Counter enemy cards.