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  • I fully suggest using these beans and pad litter system. Its a little more expensive but you won't smell anything. And its NOT fucking messy.

  • Remember: If you want another cat the best time to act is within the first year while they are young. Cats are obsessed with routine.

  • On the note of routine, I would suggest you make a pattern of whenever you get home from work, that you put everything and pet her. I have done this and its a great bonding agent.

  • Try to feed her around the same time each day. Another big thing, if you notice that she is not drinking... cats tend to want their water bowl separate from their food bowl. So try putting one next to her food dish and another one in a different location of the house.

  • Say you want to hold and pet ze kat. Do so, put when she wants down then let her go. If she is sitting on your lap and wants to go, let her go. This allows her to build up trust in you since cats are so independent. Eventually this will lead to her walking over and sitting on your lap when she wants to; instead of when you want to. It's hard but simple to follow.

  • If you want to pet her but she want to smell you first, let her smell you until she is done.

  • A good bed that has walls that cup her body is important to feeling safe.

  • Also when scratching her head, don't always move your hand. Make the scratch motion with your fingers but don't track your wrist to her head movement. Basically it's a human intelligence trait to track, and cats are moving their head so as to place your hand where they want scratched. Instant love!

  • She is going to change alot in the next year. It typically takes 8 months for a cat to feel fully comfortable in a new home. Its slightly different with kittens, but basically the same.

  • If you get sick of playing with her, buy a crazy circle. Since the ball within the donut is quite light, it continues rolling even after they have lost interest... And since cats love small movements and things that hide, it will catch her eye again and keep her playing for a while.

  • Often ignoring a cat is the best punishment. By not giving attention to bad habits, you are not supporting the habit. But every so often you need something immediate; so get a cheap spray bottle and dedicate it for this. Fill it with water and add around 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar. Perhaps less. This is a safe way to tell her NO! Only use it on specific events.  On that note, if she is biting on power cords or such then apply apple cider vinegar or tabasco sauce. She will understand rather quickly. I've read that putting aluminum around the things you don't want them playing with can help (because of the sound), but I've found this ineffective.

  • Cats love to play with their water bowls and splash the water all around and turn the whole bowl over. It sucks. Add rubber to the bottom.

  • If she is jumping up on a kitchen counter that you want to outlaw... Apply double sided tape for a while. Cats hate stepping in sticky stuff. Soon she will associate the counter with nasty stickyness. Its all about association.

  • Rapidly and firmly tap on her back, right above her tail. She will prolly fall over on her side and want more. Whenever she makes a question mark with her tail, this is a good sign.

  • Try to make a high place for her to watch you. Might be a fun project for you two to construct a wall-step-system meant for the cat.

  • We give our cats a bath every 2 to 3 months. They are very clean animals but can start to smell ripe after too long.

  • Sounds lame and Erin makes fun of me for this one... BUT I find it utterly fascinating. When a cat blinks slowly at you, she is almost always very calm, relaxing, and probably with her arms beneath her body. The infamous arm-less cat! So if she blinks slowly at you. Do it back! Blink very slowly. Its called eye kissing in cat lovers terms. You are letting her know that you are relaxed and will not harm or surprise. It is interesting to see that often the cat will instantly blink slowly back at you and perhaps look away. I consider it an understood cat gesture that you are tapping into. Especially considering that cats consider staring eyes an act of aggression (the unblinking eye of a predator). I consider this my best cat skill secret. haha seriously now!