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Ideas to test out

  • map the volume of one sound onto another...
  • generative music making
  • remix songs by cutting up and making auto patches
  • remake a fav song in PD
  • how to make chords?
  • Volume instrument
  • Pen tap / two surface tapper
  • Controled random oscillation or triggered by other elements, help pure electronic tones sound more natural
  • Make less digital pure tone via layers with noise
  • Cascade triggers
  • Musical alphabet
  • Makey Makey input - tree & graphite
  • Pitch bender instrument
  • House key melody
  • Record CL poetry to music
  • Ultra slow down music / pitch shift
  • Markov chains
  • Disintegration loops
  • Mimic nature to create ecosystems
  • use story ideas for lyrics
  • fractal music
  • melodies where one note can change but the others stay the same
  • datamosh and slow
  • Makey Makey: bouncing balls
  • atmo drone
  • classical music mashup
  • cascade stored and reused
  • method to hold several notes in a row, then release to the generator
  • musical alphabet
  • Binary: white and black keys - how can a computer have fun with this midi and binary info? It's like separating the hue from the darkness/lightness and the saturation is the dynamics
  • perhaps makes one that changes one part of its melody every 3 measures. then two notes, then it all breaks down (entropy).
  • this really sets in line with the music I love where the music is seemingly assembling (disassembling) itself.
  • Use that hidden tiger OST: tycho drum
  • Dice controlled arpeggio, max/min limits to force back down
  • Google this: mandelbrot puredata
  • Drums trigger melody also, except the random spigot only triggers the melody along with the drums a certain percentage
  • Able to make my own arpeggio gen?
  • Albert Hammond JR: use loop of singing
  • Grab quote: "Kindly be so good as to remove your knickers" the adventures of baron munchausen
  • Use that edit I did of 'the dictator' with Charlie Chaplin
  • use Antony and the Johnsons latest album for a music loop
  • Cloud Atlas OST: deep humming near the end of the movie. A dissonant one and a happy one.
  • Create music from only vocals

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