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===Band Names===
===Band Names===
* Rulers & Dice
* Rulers & Dice
* Little Paper Synth
* Amateur Admin
* Amateur Admin
* Simple Solace
* Admin Spice
* Admin Spice
* From Home
* From Home
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* Misnomer
* Misnomer
* Ruse
* Ruse
* Little Paper Synth
* Gentle Coal
* Gentle Coal
* Gentle Ember
* Gentle Ember

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Ideas to test out

  • map the volume of one sound onto another...
  • generative music making
  • remix songs by cutting up and making auto patches
  • remake a fav song in PD
  • how to make chords?
  • Volume instrument
  • Pen tap / two surface tapper
  • Controled random oscillation or triggered by other elements, help pure electronic tones sound more natural
  • Make less digital pure tone via layers with noise
  • Cascade triggers
  • Musical alphabet
  • Makey Makey input - tree & graphite
  • Pitch bender instrument
  • House key melody
  • Record CL poetry to music
  • Ultra slow down music / pitch shift
  • Markov chains
  • Disintegration loops
  • Mimic nature to create ecosystems
  • use story ideas for lyrics
  • fractal music
  • melodies where one note can change but the others stay the same
  • datamosh and slow
  • Makey Makey: bouncing balls
  • atmo drone
  • classical music mashup
  • cascade stored and reused
  • method to hold several notes in a row, then release to the generator
  • musical alphabet
  • Binary: white and black keys - how can a computer have fun with this midi and binary info? It's like separating the hue from the darkness/lightness and the saturation is the dynamics
  • perhaps makes one that changes one part of its melody every 3 measures. then two notes, then it all breaks down (entropy).
  • this really sets in line with the music I love where the music is seemingly assembling (disassembling) itself.
  • Use that hidden tiger OST: tycho drum
  • Dice controlled arpeggio, max/min limits to force back down
  • Google this: mandelbrot puredata
  • Drums trigger melody also, except the random spigot only triggers the melody along with the drums a certain percentage
  • Able to make my own arpeggio gen?
  • Albert Hammond JR: use loop of singing
  • Grab quote: "Kindly be so good as to remove your knickers" the adventures of baron munchausen
  • Use that edit I did of 'the dictator' with Charlie Chaplin
  • use Antony and the Johnsons latest album for a music loop
  • Cloud Atlas OST: deep humming near the end of the movie. A dissonant one and a happy one.
  • Create music from only vocals

Songs to Remix

Kid songs to remake

  • Home on the range
  • The more we get together
  • Riding six red horses
  • Daisy
  • Bella Note
  • Bambi rain song
  • The ants go marching

Softwares to have fun with

  • Fully learn Ableton Live and then work with CL vocalists
  • Desolo
  • Drum solo
  • PaulStretch
  • Replay Player
  • Glitch VST
  • Lexicon Sonate

Band Names

  • Rulers & Dice
  • Little Paper Synth
  • Amateur Admin
  • Simple Solace
  • Admin Spice
  • From Home
  • Fun Key
  • Calm Country
  • Tugboat
  • Bonus Admin
  • Bonus CMD
  • Cerulean Spice
  • Jason Jerry
  • And the Admin
  • Applications
  • Purview
  • Happenstance
  • Hygge
  • Aleatoric
  • Gestalt
  • The oscillation of it all
  • household key melody
  • tangent cascade
  • dasein design
  • Aleatoric
  • decerning euphoria
  • Eternal return
  • Thought parade
  • Imagination science
  • variable
  • spontaneously
  • adapable
  • Permutation
  • Nuance
  • pragmatic
  • Sundry Memories
  • Sundry Dasein
  • Altruistic Meme
  • Empathy Entropy
  • Believe in community
  • Euphoric but suffering
  • Money doesn't exist
  • Shades of ..........
  • Sundry Puerile Bhakti Meme
  • ZenSect
  • Sea Son
  • Album name: I care because you do too
  • Fasten Loose (Dad Rock)
  • Misnomer
  • Ruse
  • Gentle Coal
  • Gentle Ember
  • Bvaltu
  • Galach
  • Prime Tangent
  • Madam Ocean
  • Spaceship Urth
  • Other Shore
  • Turncoat Tree
  • New Nuance
  • Big Bad Myth

Questions for a pro (Ableton Live)

  • can I lay down two markers and have it generate the rest of the beat markers, since the song BPM is the same. Then I could adjust the BPM to match any other song or clip.
  • how is the best way to adjust beat markers to get a random sound to follow a beat.
  • I am bringing in sipped tracks from separate songs to mash together. What is the best way to match the BPM and start playing around?
  • need to get that tool where it takes your cut up clips and auto assigns them to the keyboard. It was featured by that NY beat technician on the Live website tutorial.
  • solo the calm xylophone song, also do that xylophone aquarium song
  • figure out song naming technique
  • how can I get my trigger to work? Are there software instruments?
  • how to use quantization?
  • it always seems like I'm playing behind the beat when I play back from a live recording. Tips?
  • best way to fade in/out
  • essential things to know?

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