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  • Create personal invitation - make decision date based on tickets selling out
  • On invitation: mention how many people I am looking for
  • Make burning man listserv for invitation?
  • Add music to invitation page

Need to do

  • AskReddit - BM cost breakdown / RV situation
  • Photoshop idea = BM face paint - hexagons on cheeks
  • Check to see if car rental costs double due to BM?
  • Outline savings strategy... monthly
  • Attend Boston BM community meeting?
  • Cell phone use? Solar charger? Walkie talkies practical?
  • Swiss army knife

Research possible desert tents

Fractal Sculpture

  • Apply for art proposal funding: Write it up! - Read through this - Submission
  • Do I even need outside funding?
  • Brainstorm wind or still sculpture.
  • Need to create a mock-up


Costume Ideas

  • Look to BM people photos for inspiration
  • Poka dots, face paint, hair design dyed, Eye liner
  • Ask Grandma to make a wizard hat? Robe? Find inspirational photos
  • Need some type of utility belt...
  • Always wanted to to this: bring some type of make-up and put triangles on my cheeks
  • Triangular mask with the face totally open to see and hear better. Or a abstract bird beak.
  • Or something variant inspired from the evil tron suit
  • Amazing helmet

Bike Decoration

  • Clever and easy design - especially considering I will be buying a bike there...
  • How likely is it that I will have a used bike at a pawn shop?

Things to Remember

  • Heard that feet can start cracking due to being dry. Tip: bring a few cans of petroleum jelly
  • Sharpies, big paper to make signs. Write on structures meant to share thoughts upon
  • Pack of ear plugs
  • Carry photocopies of your official ID and health insurance info instead of originals
  • Bring extra labeling supplies (a kit?) in case you or your campmates forgot about something that matters