Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

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My Initial Question

  • Very specific smacking sounds make my brain tingle in a kind of euphoric bliss. This is not an orgasmic feeling; it never turns me on. But Its definitely an endorphin rush. It can be strong enough that I cannot easily pay attention. But I love it. It rarely happens.
  • Its only extremely specific smacking. It is pretty rare that I meet someone who has this effect on me. Often elderly persons. Rarely random people. It mostly happens with certain people who smack when they eat, but even more specific at that.
  • The only thing I can connect it to, is that my grandmother used to babysit my sister and I as kids. She would read us stories at bed time. And I remember listening to her voice and thinking about her voice. I would beg her to read more stories. But I never shared the experience with her; out of fear of it ending. She definitely had the specific smacking. I am completely sure that there is not any repressed or abstracted memories within this; She is a woman to be trusted.
  • I don't know what to make of it. As a kid I thought it was typical. And in recent years I have come to find that others do not have parallel experiences in other such ways. But what could have imprinted me in this way?
  • I am curious if you have met others with a similar story. Do you know of any specific field of science that I can investigate? I'm not worried, just interested in researching it and have absolutely no idea of where to start.

The Beautiful Answer